I guess I’ve been writing Steven for as long as I’ve been writing. After all, Steven was the first thing they taught me to write. Probably of more importance is the fact that in 2017 I became Writing Steven. Following 10 years as a constable in the Metropolitan Police Service, I decided that being a Police Officer was no longer for me. I jacked it in and now I do this. I write words.

And not just any old words. Words for all sorts of things, like opinion pieces, screenplays and advertising copy. You name it, I can write it. I’m pretty damn versatile to be honest. I guess I have being a police officer to thank for that. I never knew what my day would hold, stabbing? Murder? Burglary? Who knew! So I had to be adaptable and I’ve brought that adaptability to my writing, along with a wealth of life experiences and an uncanny ability to communicate with people.

Since leaving the police I’ve been using these skills to good effect and working as a freelance copy and script writer. I have been involved in a number of projects and campaigns, both in Malta (where I now reside) and the U.K. As these projects begin to make their way into the public domain, I will be sharing them via this website. In the meantime, you can contact Alex Dawe at Quarantine Productions in London or Beppe Coleiro at Blonde & Giant, and Mark Debono at Systemato – both in Malta – for references about my work.

If you’d like to use me, please get in touch.